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Back pocket with embroidered brand label and buttonhole to discharge water
Anti-saline rusting personalised finials
100% Polyamide Nylon

for super fast drying, coloured with natural extraxts at low 36° degree temperature to respect the Environment

100% Natural Antibacteria Mesh

up to 100 immersions, treated with Kitotex, a natural polymer, extracted from shripms exoskeletons alimentary residual

Unique sartorial touch

with attention to details. Natural cotton ribbon, High Quality English stitching, personalised soft elastic mesh borders

Bespoke Monogram of your choice ordering Online.

Exclusively on Monochrome Swimsuits



Beachwear and Lifestyle


Inspired by Maremma

The ultimate eco-conscious swimsuit collection for men.

Born in Maremma, magnificent coastline region of Tuscany, Broz&Broz brand was founded in 2016. Inspired by its authentic lifestyle, unique nature, breathtaking views, and magical ambience, our swimsuits are exclusively Hand Made in Italy from finest materials


Since 2016


Attention to details, quality control and love to nature are essential aspects of our philosophy.

100% natural colour bases

Hand made in italy

Discover our lifestyle

Explore the exquisite Hand Made quality together with a feel of the authentic ambience of Maremma region.


Coloured with extracts of fruits

Eco conscious


Laboratory tested Colours resistance

Our swimsuits are designed from finest 100% polyamide nylon, coloured with natural extracts from Strawberry, Orange, Guado, Kiwi, Sepia, Pear, Ace, Lime and Wild berries at low 36 degree temperature - technique that responds to all Environment-conscious standards. Colours resistance is Laboratory Tested under UNI EN ISO 105-E02/99 (Salty Water), UNI EN ISO 105-E03/10 (Chlorine Water), UNI EN ISO 105-E04 (Acid and Basic/Alkalin Sweat) and UNI EN ISO 105-B02 (Artificial Light) standards. In future, we plan to become the first 100% eco-conscious swimwear brand and use only recycled nylon for our production.


Our packaging is wholly Made in Italy from Cordenons's Flora paper, produced with 30% of wood-free secondary de-inked pulp, 60% of wood-free primary pulp and 10% of cotton fibres, and bleached with ECF process to guarantee its Elementary Chlorine and Heavy Metal Free composition. Fully recyclable and bio-degradable, it is designed to prevent our swimwear from damages, remaining eco-friendly for the Environment.


Coloured at 36° temperature


Eco-conscious gift packaging


First swimwear treated with Kitotex

100% natural internal bacteriostatic mesh

Treated with SavetheWater Kitotex - technique based on a natural polymer “chitosan”, extracted from the alimentary residual of shrimps. It was developed by Canepa Evolution, research and development department of Italian Group Canepa, world leader in high-end fabrics production.

100% natural internal bacteriostatic mesh


Ultimate eco-conscious swimwear

SavetheWater Kitotex enables to reduce the consumption of water during fabric production,

at the same time enhancing its quality, performance and yet providing with an antibacterial effect. Our mesh is embroidered with brand logo elastic borders to add a personal touch to the swimwear design.



Exclusively online

Individual approach


Bespoke Monogram of your choice when ordering Online.

Create your signature monogram with styles and colours from our collection. Exclusively on Monochrome Swimsuits.

Please, note that you can NOT return the monogrammed items. Consult our size and fit table before placing the order


Sartorial touch.

Exquisite quality and design


Entirely designed and handcrafted in Italy

With its unique sartorial touch, our swimwear gains the highest quality level. Attention to details is our crucial concern: all swimsuits are anti saline rusting, trimmed by hand using English Stitching technique and personalized by Broz&Broz logo embroidery. All these aspects transform our beachwear into a timeless object, exclusively tailored for those, who appreciate finest quality designs.


High quality English stitching


Alti-saline rusting Personalised Finials